Teachers in Chanidgarh, India are blocking the main NH21 Highway to demand that they be given permanent contracts. They started blocking the road on  Saturday afternoon and continued for 22 hours, even though the authorities threatened police action if they do not move. As a result of the teachers' action, which was under the banner of the Education Providers Union Punjab, the state authorities have agreed to a meeting with the teachers to discuss their grievances.

7000 teachers across the Punjab area are on temporary contracts. Only , teachers in the same area were arrested, when they tried to protest against their contracts and, in their case, that they had not been paid for 13 months.

The issue of contract teachers is one that comes up again and again on this website. The picture above shows teachers in Chandigarh, protesting about the same situation in 2004. Millions of teachers all over the world find themselves in the cruel position of having no job security or employment rights and being paid a fraction of the often pitiful salaries that regular teachers receive. Moreover they are often expected to teach with little or no training. It is a policy which is actively promoted by the , as a means of getting a minimal education on the cheap, decreasing the power of teaching unions and disciplining teachers. However as well as reporting on the policy, this website has reported hundreds of stories of teachers, like those in Chandigarh, fighting back.