Teachers on Hunger Strike in Quetta last Year Temporary teachers are on hunger strike outside the Press Club in Quetta, Pakistan. The teachers have been fasting for 14 days and say that the authorities will be entirely responsible for anything that happens to them as a result. 5000 teachers in the area were appointed on temporary contracts two and a half years ago and are still waiting for their contracts to be regularised. The use of temporary contracts is a global policy, which is actively encouraged by the World Bank, as a way of getting 'value for money' from teachers - contract teachers are typically paid a fraction of a regular teacher's salary - and as a way of disciplining them. This is not the first hunger strike by teachers in Quetta. In 2011 the health of 6 teachers seriously deteriorated after a long hunger strike over failure to honour pay agreements and crumbling buildings. Government teachers also went on hunger strike in Quetta last year.