Conract teachers in Madagascar have been striking and protesting this month against the failure to pay them properly. About a third of teachers in Madagascar are employed on the so-called FRAM programme. This means that they are hired by local parent associations and paid a fraction of what regular teachers are paid. This is a way of managing teachers which is actively promoted by the on the grounds that teachers will work harder because they are under pressure to ensure their contract is renewed.

Teachers are striking now because they are owed holiday pay and promotion pay. For a teacher in Madagascar this could mean the difference between being able to feed your family and not. It is even worse for contract teachers, who can earn as little as a dollar a day. The teachers are also demanding to be given regular contracts.

Teachers say they will continue to take action until their demands are met and that they will turn up in force to every demonstration. Last week they protested in front of the ministry of education. The teachers deserve all our support, not least because in the past, they and school students supporting them have been attacked by police when they have demonstrated. on the internet suggest that the same may well be happening this time.