Costa Rican Teachers in an earlier Demonstration Teachers in Costa Rica are on strike today against proposed salary cuts The teachers, who are members of the High School Teachers Association and the Costa Rican Education Union are protesting about a draft bill which will deprive them of long-standing salary entitlements such as a bonus to prevent them from taking a second job. (Many teachers in the Global South have to take second jobs in order to exist on their meagre salaries.) The total amount being cut could be as much as 40% according to reports. Over the past few months Costa Rica has seen many protests against spiralling costs of services such as water and electricity and a diminishing quality of life and against corruption in the governing classes. Costa Rican teachers were on strike last April against corruption and non-payment of salaries. Members of other unions have joined today's strike, which is indefinite, and protest demonstrations will be staged in many parts of the country.