Teachers demonstrating in Costa Rica last Year Teachers took to the streets in Costa Rica on Friday to protest plans to cut their salaries by up to 40% As a result of rights fought for many years ago, a large proportion of teachers' salaries is made up of extra allowances. Now the right wing government of Costa Rica is proposing to cut those allowances, which will leave teachers struggling to make ends meet. The government is trying to blame the teachers for the economic crisis in the country. Teachers' leaders say that the real culprits are the corporations who are often exempted from taxes by the neo-liberal government. Friday's protests in the capital San Jose, also included other public service workers,  who are being similarly hit and are a continuation of strikes last year against the proposed measures. The unions are threatening a general strike if the government goes ahead with the plans. Teachers in Costa Rica are also having to fight against privatisation and anti-union legislation which makes protest more difficult and reduces fees paid to unions.