Teachers in Costa Rica are to go on indefinite strike from Monday over the failure to pay 7000 of their number for the past two months. 

Costa Rican teachers have been engaged in a long struggle for pay justice. Significantly, they been working with other trade unions and campaigners against the policies of the government, which they say will only increase the poverty in the country. At the end of February they took part in mass demonstrations against the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which will further entrench the neo-liberal agenda in the country, including the privatisation of health and education. As one union leader put it: "The statistics clearly show that these policies only favour a minute portion of society - the rich and the millionaires. Since the political parties are faithfully following the neo-liberal model, it is up to the people and social movements to change it." 

Now teachers, like so many others across the global South, are having to struggle just to get paid at all. They are planning a demonstration in the capital, San Jose, tomorrow and will be on indefinite strike until their demand to be paid immiediately and in full is met.