Teachers in the Czech republic went on strike this week to protest changes to their pay structure. Teachers pay will not any more be determined by nationally agreed incremental scales but by individual headteachers. Not only that but teachers with a graduate diploma will be paid the same as unqualified teachers. Teachers see this as a charter for heads to cut their pay. Starting teachers earn just over $1000 a month and teachers are fearful that in a situation of cuts, their pay will be cut accordingly. 1600 schools in the republic closed yesterday in protest. These changes go with the grain of neo-liberal education policy all round the world, which seeks to diminish nationally agreed pay and conditions and delegate them to the local level - meaning that teaching unions are weakened and it is easier to pick off teachers one by one.  The increasing use of unqualified people to teach is another feature of the neo-liberal education policy landscape.The Czech Republic is planning cuts to its budget of 10% next year in an effort to cut back its deficit - this will include cuts in welfare and wage cuts of up to 43% according to www.europeaninstitute.org