denmarkblog.jpg  Students Protesting in Denmark There have been massive demonstrations this week of university and school students against the Danish Government's budget cuts to education 20,000 students at Gymnasiums (for 16 to 19 year olds)  marched on parliament, 10,000 blockaded schools and 25,000 went on strike. They are protesting against spending cuts which will mean that class sizes will be 23% bigger than last year. Meanwhile representatives of university students say they are furious that their tuition has been cut to 4 hours a week and that 1000 euros less per student is being spent than 15 years ago. The students have called their campaign 'Out of the Crisis - Into the Future' There have been waves of student protest against budget cuts all across Europe (see previous post on Germany for example) as governments seek to cut public spending and in particular education spending as a way of extricating themselves from the crisis caused by their neo-liberal policies.