The haves and the have-yachts up a mountain in have taken time out from deciding how to use the impending shambles in the world economy to get even richer, to give us 'lessons in uncertainty' about education. The uncertainty may refer to the fact that neither the CEOs, the policitcians nor the token professor/woman on the panel had apparently done any serious work in a school room since they were in short trousers, and possibly not even then.

We heard the that 60% of the jobs people will be doing in ten years time haven't been invented yet. And that education must be perfectly aligned to the needs of companies and that young people shoud be told to 'travel the world' - presumably not on leaky boats in the Mediterranean. Oh and that MOOCs and other ed tech miracles could solve and thus of course poverty.

It's tempting to think that the bad and the worse at Davos are interested in education because, in the words of Forbes magazine 'the market opportunity is absolutely huge.' But there's more to it than that. The Davos jamboree is protected from the 99.99% outside by a ring of steel. But the elites there are even more protected by their rhetoric. They are, according to their tag line 'committed to improving the state of the world,' even as they ever more riches up from the rest of us and take the world to hell in a handcart as they go.

So why is the General Secretary of Education International on the guest list at this thieves kitchen? His presence only gives credibility to the rhetoric. As an excellent in the UK Guardian put it: 'The great mistake made by the mainstream left and right . . . is in imagining that the super-rich, now enjoying such massive riches, are somehow playing by the same rules as the rest of us. That they are “wealth creators” providing jobs and investment for the rest of us, or that they might give up their tax havens. If that ever were the case, it isn’t now.'

We would respectfully suggest that the EI GS would be much better occupied on the other side of the mountain, in Zurich, visiting the and teachers fighting education cuts there.