The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has called for a national day of action today, in support of teachers and families who are being bullied by the Chicago schools administration - Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Teachers at two schools, Saucedo Scholastic Aacademy and Drummond Montessori are refusing to administer the state standardised test, the so-called ISAT. They are doing this in solidarity with a broad-based campaign in the town to boycott the ISAT, which itself is part of a much broader campaign across the US to end high stakes testing.

Last year teachers in boycotted the tests and won a stunning victory over the school board. Now teachers, students and communities across the US are running their own campaigns against the tests, for example in New York, Philidelphia and

At present it is Chicago which is at the eye of the storm. 65% of parents chose to opt out at Saucedo, prompting the teacher boycott. CPS has threatened the teachers with having their licence to teach revoked and parents and pupils, who have chosen to opt out, have been bullied and intimidated.

The is asking people across the US to call the CPS and leave this message: I’d like to leave a message for all members of the Chicago Board of Education. I support families boycotting the ISAT and there should be no retaliation against teachers who stood up for their students on the ISAT

The battle in the US is of particular significance to those of us fighting global 'reform' policies such as high stakes, standardised testing. This is the country which in many ways is leading the way in the drive to smash public schools, and replace them with privatised test factories for low-income children. For teachers and communities there it is a hard fight - as it is everywhere. But if 'reform' can be resisted in its home territory then the struggle for alternatives globally can only be strengthened.

It would be great to have some international support for Chicago. Email here to send your solidarity: