Students demonstrating against Bill 115 The deadline for a new contract has passed in Ontario, Canada, with no agreement Public school teachers in the province are locked in a bitter dispute with the Ontario Education Department which is cancelling agreed pay rises, freezing their pay and stripping them of the right to strike. Both elementary and secondary teachers have taken action over the last term and they have been supported by students, who demonstrated with them. One student told CTV: "I’m not going anywhere in life without my teachers and I need to support them and it’s not fair to them. We’re here to give the voice back to the teachers that’s been taken away from them." The teachers are also supported by the national Canadian Federation of Teachers, who said in September: “The 200,000 teachers of Canada raise their voices in support of all their Ontario counterparts in their struggle to secure their rights to fair collective bargaining . . An attack against one Member organization is an attack against us all.” Opposition leaders are calling on the government to use Bill 115 - which gives it the powers to impose contracts on teachers and ban strikes. The leader of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Association told CBC: "We will fully review all of the information that we get over the next 24-hour period, and we’ll make some decisions as to how to proceed from that point."