In 2015 . . . . 

1.  Where have teachers been fighting privatisation?

a) Iran

b) Pakistan

c) Puerto Rico

d) Paraguay

2. Where have teachers been attacked by armed security forces?

a)  India

b)  Mexico

c)  Uruguay

d)  Turkey

3.  Where did teachers strike over low pay and poor funding?

a)  Kenya

b)  Benin

c)  Bangladesh

d)  Lebanon

4.  In which country is there a Teach For (America) franchise?

a)  China

b)  Indonesia

c)  Ghana

d)  UK  

5. In which country have school students joined in the struggle against education reform?

a) South Africa

b) Greece

c)  Italy

d)  Brazil

100% Congratulations!

As this wasn't a high stakes test - every answer was right. Teachers and school students are struggling everywhere – let's make 2016 the year of global teacher solidarity!

Happy new year!