School Students protesting in Detroit this Week Students in Detroit walked out of their school this week in protest against plans to close it The students were at South Western High School, Detroit, which is slated for closure along with five other school in the district according to a report in the Huffington Post. The students were joined by others from Western International School where they would be sent if the school closed. The school district say that Southwestern is being closed since it is one of the 'worst-performing schools'. But the students say it is starved of funds and its classes are overcrowded. They also criticised security staff at the school who frisk them when they come through the doors and some teachers who they say expect little of them. The head of the school district Steven Wasko threatened the students with fines and suspension if they walked out but one said, "we don't care. We're going to protect our school." Another said: "We're walking out to try and save our public school system.It's on its way to being privatized and we think that we deserve equal opportunity and an equal education." The Detroit News reports that students who were suspended started up a Freedom school for all the suspended students offering courses in hip-hop and social justice amongst other things in a nearby park. In another development, teachers, students and parents in New York are protesting the proposed closure of 24 schools in Brooklyn. The school board say the schools are 'underperforming' but the protestors say they are under-resourced and what the board should be doing is giving them the money they need. One teacher proposed occupying the schools to stop them from closing.

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