Teachers in 94 of the 97 public schools across Detroit in the USA, staged a 'sick out' today in protest against cuts which mean that their employers do not have the money to pay their salaries after June 30th. The Detroit Federation of Teachers accused the management of effectively locking them out of their classrooms.

Earlier this year Detroit teachers took similar action against the devastating cuts in the town which are not only threatening their salaries but also mean that teachers and students have to work in substandard buildings with issues like crumbling walls, pest infestation and generally unsanitary conditions. The cuts also mean that no special education or summer school programmes will be funded after the end of June. Detroit is heavily in debt and is spending about $1100 per pupil on debt servicing every year.

The unelected man who has been drafted in to run Detroit Public School is the same one who is responsible for residents of nearby Flint having a contaminated water supply, which has caused a major scandal in the US. 

In the previous sick-outs, students and parents joined the teachers in their protest. Once again this time communities are rallying round. A protest of 500 parents and teachers was held today outside the Detroit Public Schools administration building.