Disabled teachers in Zagazig, Egypt have been attacked as they sat in to demand permanent contracts and decent pay. The teachers like many of their colleagues in the Sharquiyya Province have been protesting against temporary contracts for months. The use of temporary contracts is endemic in Egypt - some teachers are on zero pay contracts - and the teachers in Zigazag are on $10 a month - a sum which is impossible to live on.

Now hundreds of disabled teachers have had their sit in attacked by police. The teachers are sleeping in tents on the steps of the governorate building. Six of their number have started a hunger strike. One of them explained: some of us have heart disease, some high blood pressure. We want the world to know that the Egyptian police attacked disabled people, beat them on the head and dragged them in the street.

The teachers are appealing for solodarity. Here's what you can do via the Menasolidarity website: