Dutch School Students demonstrating in 2007 Dutch teachers are to go on strike against a proposed increase in their working hours Dutch secondary teachers - who are members of the union Teachers in Action (LIA) are going on strike for three days this week to protest against the government increasing their hours and their teaching time for no extra pay as well as shortening their holidays. The government is also cutting 300 million Euros from the education budget which will mean bigger classes and even more pressure on the teachers.  Four years ago Dutch pupils engaged in mass protests and strikes against identical proposals. On December 22 2011, pupils demonstrated again  in Amsterdam against the cuts and were met with police using horses and water cannon. Several students were arrested at the protest. Holland is the latest example of the wave of protests by teachers and students sweeping across Europe and only serves to reinforce the call made by the Greek teachers' union OLME for concerted action across the continent against the efforts of both governments, the EU and the IMF to make public services - in particular education - and their users pay for the crisis.