Some of the Oakland Protestors Teachers, parents and othe activists are occupying the US Department of Education The occupation is in opposition to the US government's education policies which are driven by high-stakes testing and the endless collection of data and a relentless drive towards privatisation . According to an article in the Huffington Post the occupation, "is a 96-hour congregation and discussion of like-minded educators, students, and parents who are resisting the prominence of high-stakes standardized testing, railing against attempts made by ALEC and other privately funded organizations to draft model legislation to ultimately privatize public schools, and to drown out the voices of charlatans and pundits who lack the credibility to comment on education." Meanwhile in Oakland, California 10 people including one child have been arrested after they occupied the school department offices, in protest against plans to close 5 schools and lease others to private charter organisations. The meeting had to be adjourned when protestors refused to leave. The protestors have vowed to continue their campaign to defend public education in Oakland.