A defeated Tony Bennett last Night Teachers and their unions have achieved many successes in defeating neo-liberal education reform in the US elections One of the biggest triumphs was the ousting of Tony Bennett, the education chief in Indiana. Bennett introduced school vouchers, which parents could use in public or private schools, grading of schools and teachers by test scores, and the handing over of public schools to private companies. Despite a $1.3 million campaign, which was bankrolled among others by WalMart, Eli Broad and Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, he was thrown out by the voters. In California, teachers and their supporters successfully campaigned to get Proposition 30 passed, which brings in temporary tax rises, which will raise billions of dollars for public schools, and defeated a proposal which would have prevented them funding political work. The leader of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel said: "American voters resoundingly said they value and respect the voices of educators and the way forward for our nation — our progress and prosperity — depends on quality public education." Of course it has to be said that neo-liberal education reform is supported by many in both the main parties in the US, not least by Obama himself, who in his last administration, appointed Arne Duncan, the education chief from Chicago as his education supremo. It was his policies in Chicago which have led to the  attacks on public education in that city, which were so heroically resisted by the Chicago Teachers Union and their supporters in September. To read about other wins and some losses for teachers and their unions in the US election read this article.