Arne Duncan, the federal education secretary in the US, has been picketed by academics attending the annual American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in San Francisco. Duncan, who is the main promoter of the US education policy Race to the Top, also faced highly critical questioning from the assembled academics during his speech to the conference.

There is a to neo-liberal education 'reform' in the US at the moment, which is highly significant for teachers all over the world, who are facing the same measures in their own countries - often propagated by US corporations or NGOs. It is significant that in the interviews in the video clip above, teachers from Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the Netherlands also discuss the progress of such reform in their own countries.

The US administration, state governors and local school boards in the US are coming under increasing pressure as teachers, parents and students become more and more critical of the corporate agenda, which is being foisted on them through so-called Common Core Standards, charter schools and high stakes testing. Increasingly such criticism is turning to action in test boycotts and organised resistance to school closures and charters.