Members of the teachers' union Egitim Sen were attacked by police when they tried to enter Marmara University in Turkey, to talk to the Dean. Several members of the union have been suspended for taking part in a general strike  called last year.

I attach below a statement from the union: 

As a result of disciplinary proceedings undertaken by the Dean’s Office at the Marmara University Faculty of Communication, Istanbul, which was initiated upon the request of the Dean Yusuf Devran against 11 reasearch assistants for joining the countrywide strike action that was organized by KESK (Confederation of Public Workers’ Union) on 4th and 5th of June 2013 during Gezi Park protests, 8 research assistants were subjected to promotional suspension penalty for 24 months.

With this decision, Vice President of Marmara University, Zafer Gul and the Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Yusuf Devran once again declared their determination to violate the constitutional rights to strike, freedom of speech. They are also denying the political and democratic rights of academics and workers and of the Marmara University to organize, to unionize and to strike. These rights are also under protection of several international protocols such as Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and European Convention on Human Rights.

8 research assistants who have participated in a countrywide strike called by KESK were subjected to the same penalty as a police officer who murdered Ethem Sarısülük, who was shot in the head during protests at the Gezi Park. This decision show us the determination of pro-government institutions and academic administrations to condemn Gezi Park protests, and protestors who radically challenged the legitimacy of political power in Turkey as well as their utter hatred and resentment towards them. In short, oppression on all parts of university is increased by investigations, penalties, threats of dismissal in Marmara University.


We call national and international community of those who are concerned about arbitrary use of power, violation of democratic principles and rights in Turkey to stand with us in our struggle for justice and political freedom at the Marmara University. We can create a pressure on administration of Marmara University with international solidarity which is so important for us to support academic freedoms, assurance, freedom of expression, union rights and freedoms.


Egitim-Sen, Science and Education Workers Union, Bureau of Universities, Istanbul, Turkey