Teachers Protesting in Upper Egypt Contract teachers in upper Egypt have been injured by security forces as they demonstrated to demand permanent employment The contract teachers from Upper Egypt, who had been laid off on the grounds that their degrees were not adequate qualification to teach, had been sitting in at a local park, demanding that the government rehire them and give them permanent contracts. Although the governor of the province had said he was sympathetic with their demands, he failed to put aside any money to rehire them. The police fired tear gas into the teachers' protest who then stormed the office of the governorate and occupied it. The police then fired tear gas into the building causing injuries to many protestors. One female protestor was feared dead but latest reports indicate that doctors at a nearby hospital were able to stabilise her condition.  This  is part of a larger struggle in Egypt as teachers fight for a living wage, for permanent contracts and for proper conditions in Egyptian schools, where class sizes are often huge and where pay can be less t han $100 amonth (see previous posts). Upper Egypt where today's events occurred was in the vanguard of a major strike of all teachers last month, demanding permanent contracts and decent pay.