egy.jpg Workers Demonstrating in Cairo Last Year  Egyptian teachers joined other public  and private sector workers in demonstrations calling for higher wages last week At present the minimmum wage in Egypt is $80 a month - this has not changed since 1984. The demonstrators are calling for this to be raised to $215. One teacher told the BBC that he earned only $82 a month which is not enough to feed his family. The demonstrations are part  of a wave of strikes and other actions by workers in all sectors against the policies of the Mubarek government - and are carried out against a background where demonstrations by opposition movements are against the law. The government has followed an aggressive neo-liberal economic policy, privatising key sectors of the economy and pushing up growth. However the bulk of people in Egyp[t have only seen their living standards decline. One teacher, Samir, told the BBC: "We can't afford to eat or drink or get an education or pay our rent. Yet there are many rich people in this country who don't do any work. "This government is corrupt. The people in authority now are the businessmen and they stole everything from us - the profits from the state and our children's future."