Teachers sitting on the Railway Lines Teachers in parts of Egypt are striking and sitting in, in protest against their poor pay and conditions The teachers in the Sharquiya Governorate in Northern Egypt are struggling against low pay and temporary contracts. The use of such contracts is endemic in Egypt with some teachers even being on a zero pay contract, where they are expected to work for nothing in exchange for the opportunity to pick up some pupils for private coaching. (Read more background here) 3000  teachers  in the Abu Hamada district of Sharquiya have been on open ended strike as well as sitting in on the railway tracks. 7 teachers began a hunger strike and have been transferred to hospital. Meanwhile in the capital Zagazig, strikers have been sitting in in front of the Education Ministry and refusing to let officials enter the building. 25 have been questioned by the authorities and could face charges of, “rioting, inciting colleagues to start a strike and disruption of the educational process to force the Finance Ministry to cancel its decision to cut incentives, which were already paid to them by mistake," according to reports. This struggle comes against the background of increasing anger with the Morsi regime as it carries out much the same economic policies as the Mubarak government which was ousted in the revolution at the beginning of 2011. For teachers and children - working in overcrowded classrooms with minimum facilities and, in the case of the teachers for minimal pay,almost nothing has changed. The only difference is that now there are teaching unions - independent of the state - who are leading the fight. However this story would suggest that they are still subject to the suppression of their democractic right to strike and fight for better conditions in education.