Cairo The independent Egyptian teachers union is joining forces with other independent trade unions to set up a new union federation in EgyptThe government supported federation issued a statement on January 27th opposing the protests. Now teachers and other trade unionists have declared their own independent federation according to a report by Eric Lee at As already reported on this website, 5000 teachers set up an independent union last year. The new federation issued the following manifesto: 1.      Egypt citizens right to work – and binding the government to “unemployment compensation” 2.      Define a minimum wage no less than 1200 LE, with a yearly raise proportionate to inflation; guarantee workers rights to bonuses and benefits according to work value, especially work compensation for those facing work hazards. Moreover, maximum wage should never exceed minimum wage by more than ten times. 3.      The right for all Egyptian citizens to fair social security including the right to health care, housing, education “ensuring free education and syllabus development to cope with science and technology evolution”, the right for all retired to decent pensions and benefits. 4.      Workers and employees right to organize, to create their own bylaws, to remove all legal restrictions regarding this right. 5.      Free all detainees imprisoned after January 25th. Egypt Federation for Independent Unions Constitutional Body invites all Egypt workers to create civil committees in order to defend their workplace, workers and citizens during these critical times and to organize protest actions and strikes in the workplaces, except for vital sectors workplaces, to realize Egypt people claims. As I write there is a general strike in Egypt and protestors are calling for a million people to come out onto the streets. An Egyptian student in the US has given the following interview on the US independent news channel Real News, which gives an excellent analysis of the background to the movement in Egypt: