Teachers in the Aswan region of Egypt staged a protest on Sunday, demanding to be paid the 200% incentive they have been promised.

Egyptian teachers are generally on poverty pay, many are on temporary contracts and all are expected to augment their meagre salaries by touting for business with parents who have to pay for extra lessons for their children, given the large class sizes and impoverished nature of public education in the country.

Protesting in Egypt is hard, given the repressive nature of the Sisi regime which came to power through a military coup, and as detailed in a new report by the human rights group Amnesty International, has imprisoned, disappeared or killed thousands of protesters. Only last month, we reported on the calling in for interrogation of the leader of the independent teachers' union because he had written articles critical of the government's education policies. Despite that the Aswan teachers have warned that strikes will follow if their demands are not met.

These brave teachers deserve all our solidarity.