Egyptian Teachers protesting last September Egyptian students are calling for a general strike today demanding the end of military rule in the country As well as universities, students at some high schools are also taking part in the action. One group of students from a girls' school issued a statement, reported on the alakhbar website ,which accuses the military regime of: “using the same methods as the Mubarak regime to create a state of terror to prevent the masses from mobilizing and rebelling against the corrupt regime that is stained with the blood of our martyrs.” The students' call has been supported by the Independent Federation of Trade Unions which includes the Independent Teachers Union and many university teachers have joined in the protests. The strike has been called to mark the first anniversary of the fall of Mubarek which happened on February 11th 2011. However the government has attempted to stop teachers going on strike by calling the strike treasonous and saying that public employees who take part will face the sack. Teachers were in the forefront of last year's revolution along with the students. They formed their independent union before the revolution took place and since last February there have been many strikes and other actions by teachers mostly centring on the issue of pay - which can be as little as $160 a month and the use of short term contracts for teachers at a fraction of teachers' pay. Although Mubarek was ousted the military regime keeps the same policies and many of the same personnel, and the education system is still desperately undefunded with classes as big as 120 in some cases and teachers unable to survive on their pay.