Education International has condemned the murders and attacks on schools, pupils and teachers in Pakistan.

At the end of last month two teachers were killed in attacks on girls’ education. Shahnaz Nazli was shot down near the girls’ school where she taught in the Khyber area. Last week Abdur Rasheed, who was the headteacher of a school in Karachi which educates girls, was killed in his school and  grenades lobbed into a classroom full of children. The attacks are thought to have been carried out by a Taliban sect called the TPP.

Last year the attempted murder of 15 year old schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, for having the temerity to speak up about the importance of girls’ education, was condemned around the world.

This website unequivocally condemns these attacks on children and teachers in Pakistan and the abhorrent campaign to terrorise girls and their teachers into submission. It also condemns the US drone attacks on civilians, including children, in Pakistan, as well as the kind of neo-liberal economic policies which mean that hundreds and thousands of Pakistani girls as well as boys still have no chance to attend school and have to work to help to keep themselves and their families alive.

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