Education International has demanded the release of Djibouti teachers' leader Omar Ali Ewado. Mr Ewado is a leading defender of civil rights in the country, most recently publishing a list of the victims of a security forces lead massacre last month. The country routinely represses political protest.

In its statement, EI demands that the government:  

-Guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of Mr. Ewado and of all human rights defenders;

- Guarantee a fair appeal trial for Mr. Ewado, as well as his right to a full defence, by authorising the presence of Mr. Emanuel Daoud or any other lawyer of Mr. Ewado's choosing;

- Put an end to all forms of harassment against Mr. Ewado and all human rights defenders in Djibouti;

- Comply with the international standards ratified by Djibouti on human rights, the protection of citizens and the observance of fundamental freedoms;

- Establish the conditions guaranteeing a fair and respectful dialogue with all civil society stakeholders, including teachers' organisations and human rights defence organisations. 

Both the US and France have military bases in Djibouti and have not spoken out about the human rights abuses.