Education International (EI)  is supporting the struggle of teachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo The teachers union SYECO is calling a walkout of teachers this week as the long running negotiations for improved pay and conditions for teachers continue. EI General Secretary Fred Van Leeuwen said: “EI gives its unreserved support to unions fighting to enhance their education systems, as well as the teacher status. Education quality calls for the commitment of an entire nation. If the democratic Republic of Congo is to be successful in its ‘emergence,’ it must invest in schools and staff working in them. We are on your side and wish to be kept informed about responses brought to your legitimate demands.”  The DRC is presently preparing for elections amid police repression of opposition protests with one protestor shot and killed by police and journalists reporting the demonstrations attacked and beaten by police according to reports. Teachers in the DRC are working in incredibly difficult conditions with civil war still ongoing in some parts of the country. UNICEF reported earlier this year that recruitment of children into armed groups still remains a problem and that 1.7million adults and children have been driven from their homes in the last few years. One in seven children in the DRC dies before the age of five. To read the EI article in full go to: