lebanon.jpg  Teachers Demonstrating in Lebanon Education International has sent a letter of solidarity to the leaders of the Lebanese teaching unions supporting their strike action The secondary teachers union LPESPL called fro a two day strike at the end of February in their fight for imporved salaries, professional development and conditions. The President of LPESPL Hanna Gharib spoke at a rally of striking teachers and said that the turn out was very high. She also pointed out that the strike had not been marked by any sectarianism - something which has happened in the past in Lebanon which has suffered terrible civil wars as well as onslaughts by the Israeli military - most recently in 2006. To read the EI report on the strike and Fred Van Leeuwen's letter of support go to: http://www.ei-ie.org/en/news/show.php?id=1209&theme=statusofteachers&country=lebanon