An increasing number of teachers are on all out strike in Serbia since negotiations broke down for a 24% pay rise Out of the 1804 schools in Serbia 1427 are taking industrial action, including 635 who are on all out strike according to reports. The pay rise is partly to mitigate a pay freeze, which has been in place for two and a half years, and would only cover inflation. Teachers are also owed benefits which had been agreed such as long service and redundancy pay. Teachers' pay in Serbia is about 280 Euros a month which is not enough to feed a family. As one Belgrade teacher said: 'how can I feed a family of five and serve as a role model for my students if I go to work hungry?' Teachers are also angry about an increased workload and larger class sizes as Serbia seeks to lessen the effects of the economic crisis by attacking the public sector. Serbia has already had one visit from the IMF and is expecting another one this month. This can only mean pressure to cut public spending even further.