Teachers Demonstrate in Tallinn Teachers in Estonia are demonstrating today in support of their claim for higher salaries The country's teachers earn an average of $840 a month, while the national average salary is $1200 a month. The Education Personnel Union is demanding a 20% increase while the Association of Teachers is demanding a 43% increase. Teachers' low salaries are causing a shortage of applicants wanting to go onto teacher training programmes, academics at Tallinn University say. Former Minister of Education Peeter Kreitzberg said of the teachers' demands: "Teachers should not have to worry about whether they can afford decent clothes or a theater ticket or a book. The six- to eight-year goal for Estonia should be establishing a pay of twice the national average for teachers. The money could be raised by increasing taxes, for example. The government's rhetoric that low taxes are the engine of our economic success is misguided. "Tongue in cheek, one could say there are those who receive flowers for what they do, there are those who receive flowers and money, and there are those who receive just money. Teachers, in our society, are the ones who receive just flowers." Like governments all over the world, the Estonians are blaming the eoncomic crisis for their inability to pay teachers a decent salary. Once again public education, like other public services, is expected to pay for a crisis which it did not cause.