Estonian Teachers demonstrating in October Teachers in Estonia are planning to strike at the beginning of next year The teachers demonstrated in October for a 20% increase but the government says that there will be no pay increase until the education service has been reorganised, which according to the head of the Education Personnel Union is as good as saying that there will never be an increase - because reorganisation won't happen until the distant future. The teachers' union is likely to be supported by other unions, as well as parents and students. Teachers in Estonia earn only $789 a month - less than a private soldier in the country. Estonia's government is one of the most committed in Europe to neo-liberal policies of financial deregulation and spending cuts - resulting in its being characterised by institutions like the IMF as a success story - or even a 'Baltic tiger'. As usual however it is the public services and the poor who seem to be paying for this 'success'. Unemployment in Estonia reached 19% in 2008 although it has gone down a little since to 14%.