Yenesew Gebre: RIP An Ethiopian teacher has burned himself to death in a protest against human rights violations in that country The teacher - Yenesew Gebre - was protesting against the regime of Meles Zanawi.  Yenesew - who was 29 was a respected teacher in his local community in the town of Waka but had been fired ffrom his job and jailed after helping to organise protests in the town against government corruption and injustice. He set himself on fire at a meeting called by local officials - calling out for justice and an end to corruption and for freedom for the Ethiopian people. His death has been compared to that of the young man in Tunisia - Bouazizi - whose self-immolation sparked the Arab spring. The Ethiopoan teachers union has been the subject of many urgent action appeals for solidarity from Education International and others because of the repression of the union and the jailing of its leaders (see previous posts). To read a detailed account of this event go to: