blogeth.jpg Members of ETA facing soldiers in Ethiopia A delegation from Education International (EI) - the world organisation of teacher trade unions is currently in Ethiopia to press the cause for Trade Union and Human Rights The delegation includes the General Secretaries of the Ugandan, UK and Ethiopian teachers' unions as well as regional representatives from EI. The delegation has been sent as a result of an urgent motion to the 2007 EI conference in Berlin. Members of the teaching union the Ethiopian Teachers Association are subject to copntinued harrassment by the authorities as well as arbitrary detention. Their families too are often subject to ill treatment. Currently one ETA leader is imprisoned and in the past 18 months many more have been. In addition assets of the ETA have been illegally seized. Since this visit took place the Ethiopian high court has upheld the decision to close down the Ethiopian Teachers Association and seize all its assets. This is a gross attack on the human rights of Ethiopian teachers and EI has sent out an urgent action appeal. Please see their website and click on urgent action appeal - ETA to find out what you can do.