School Students Demonstrate against Cuts in italy Teachers across Europe are taking action against cuts Teachers in the UK are preparing to join colleagues in over 30 different public sector unions to stop the right wing coalition government from raiding their pension funds. The strike which is due to take place this Wednesday will be the biggest in the UK since 1926 and will be marked  in towns and cities up and down all four UK countries by joint marches and rallies against the cuts. Meanwhile in Madrid,Spain, teachers were on their eighth day of strikes this week,  against the cuts being imposed on education by the conservative administration of that town - cuts which are not only having a deeply detrimental effect on public education but are also being used to bolster private schools (see previous posts) In Greece, teachers are preparing to take part in the next general strike against austerity at the beginning of December, which is uniting private and public sector against the austerity measures which are destroying Greek lives as they cut ever deeper into the social fabric of the country - not least by sacking teachers, cutting their pay and failing to provide the most basic educaional materials to students. In portugal there was a general strike this week against cuts, in which teachers participated. In Italy too there have been protests against education cuts and privatisation. With students going into action across the continent, this website hopes that calls from teaching unions like OLME in Greece for joint action against austerity will become a reality. We are all facing the same forces - those of  the 1% who want to hang on to their vast wealth, which is often made by gambling on the future of countries and on basic human needs like food and fuel. In order to do so they are attacking the social goods and the living standards of the 99%, not least by cutting education. A similar wave of protest is spreading across the Americas and in South America there has been solidarity action across the continent -for instance with the education protests in Chile. It's time teachers, other education workers and students in Europe followed their lead and acted together. Education International was charged at their last congress with making this a reality. The congress  passed unanimously a motion which said the following:  "It is a well known fact the EU and the IMF used the financial crisis as a pretext to impose tough austerity policies characterized by drastic salary cuts (in Greece a total of 3 salaries less per annum), reductions on pensions, an increase of the retirement age limit, flexible working conditions, and privatization of public services. These measures have led to higher unemployment and less social protection, thus more injustice, more inequality and more poverty." The resolution finished with the following statement: "It is EI’s role, at European and world level, to promote and coordinate this struggle against these policies and support the proposals from member organizations which are asking for a transparent and independent debt audit, as well as for the renegotiation of the debt."