Today's General Strike in Greece The European Trades Union Congress (ETUC) has called for a united day of action against austerity across Europe ETUC has named November 14th as a day for "strikes, demonstrations, protests and other actions" against the austerity measures being foisted on the people of Europe. In their statement they say that, they express their strong opposition to the austerity measures that are dragging Europe into economic stagnation, indeed recession, as well as the continuing dismantling of the European social model. These measures, far from reestablishing confidence, only serve to worsen imbalances and foster injustice. Teachersolidarity believes that such a day of action would be a huge step forward for all people in Europe, not least teachers, children and communities, which are being devastated by school closures, cuts, rising class sizes and deadening neo-liberal measures, which are systematically undermining education in the continent. As post after post on this website attest, actions are taking place all over Europe against austerity, most recently in Greece, Portugal and Spain for example. The move by the ETUC to co-ordinate action across the continent must be heeded by teaching unions everywhere.