Nursery teachers and ancillary workers are continuing with their strike across Germany. They are seeking to get recognition for their work, especially given the many extra demands on them as a result of the panic caused by so-called PISA ratings. Protest marches have been held in many parts of the country with thousands of nursery workers stopping traffic, for example in Munich and Halle as well as Cologne, Bonn and Dortmund. More protest marches are planned today in Schleswig Holstein. Nurseries are closed the length and breadth of the country.

Much support is coming from parents. Their , which we reported on has already reached nearly 34,000 signatures. Amongst other things it states: 'We parents stand in solidarity with early years educators, because we want the salary for their work to show respect and to be commensurate with their achievement. At present the salary is disrespectful . . . and there is usually only a possibility of part-time work: a disrespectful salary after the educator has undergone a four year training at her own expense.'

This is an important strike, not just in Germany but globally, because at its core is the exploitation of women's labour and the associated undervaluing of early childhood education, which is an issue for teachers everywhere.