Teachers at a school in the UK have become the first to strike against education cuts in 2011 The staff - who are members of the National Union Teachers (NUT), are at Rawmarsh Community School in Rotherham, Yorkshire. The head of the school is planning to make 30 members of staff redundant, including 20 teachers. Local NUT secretary John Dalton told the press: "If these job losses take place, class sizes must rise and the children of Rawmarsh will not receive the education they are entitled to. Rawmarsh is an excellent school and the teachers at Rawmarsh want to keep it excellent." The teachers are planning two more days of strike next week. This strike is likely to be the first of many in the UK as the budget cuts made by the right wing coalition government hit schools and other public services. Public service unions are beginning to plan protests and coordinated strike action for the new year against loss of pension entitlements, pay freezes, increasing class sizes and cutbacks in education, health and other services which will hit the poor hardest. Like many public service unions around the world, those in the UK are determined that the poor should not pay for the economic crisis which is the responibility of the banks and the economic system. The teachers in Rotherham are blazing a trail for teachers in the UK.