Mahdi abu Dheeb's daughter, campaigning for his Release The leader of the Bahraini teachers' union is still in prison for fighting for reform in that country Mahdi Abu Dheeb, chair of the Bahraini Teachers Association was jailed for five years for leading the teachers' union in the pro-democracy struggles at the beginning of 2011. Both he and acting chair Jalila al-Salman were arrested and tortured in prison and sentenced to lengthy jail terms, which were reduced on appeal. Jalila al-SalmanĀ has since been released but Mahdi Abu Dheeb is still in prison. His last chance to appeal is at the end of this month or the beginning of next. A joint campaign has been launched by Education International and Labourstart, calling for Mahdi Abu Dheeb's immediate release. Please support this campaign by clicking here and sending a message to the Bahraini government.