Omar Combita, a member of the Columbian teachers' union FEDOCE is still in prison, after being detained on 2nd October 2011 for 'rebellion.' He has still had no access to justice - and is refused permission to attend hearings on his case. He has been detained along with eight other activists, all of whom were involved in struggling against neo-liberal education 'reform', including privatisation.

Omar Combita has been diagnosed with parkinsons disease and refused access to treatment.

Colombia is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a trade unionist, and the largest trade union is FEDOCE - the teachers' union. Many teacher trade unionists have been tortured and assassinated by paramilitary death squads, which have operated with impunity in the country, often encouraged by the government which is a key ally of both the US and the UK. 

To sign the petition demanding the release of Omar Combita and his colleagues, go here