francblog2.jpg  Teachers and civil servants demonstrating in Paris Hundreds of thousands of French teachers went on strike on Thursday against proposals for savage job cuts across the public services Nicolas Sarkozy - the French President - is planning to cut 11,000 teaching jobs this year as part of his package of costcutting measures. Patrick Gonthier, leader of the Civil Service union UNSA which includes thousand of teachers and one of the vice-presidents of Education International said that the cuts would mean larger class sizes and the loss of subjects from the curriculum.Sarkozy is also planning legislation which would mean that schoolchildren were supervised by municipal workers if their teachers are on strike. Teachers' union leaders regard this as an attack on their right to strike. 50,000 people took part in a demonstration in Paris on the day of the strike and there were also ralliles in Toulouse, Marseilles and Strasbourg. Next week the transport unions are to go on strike.