Teachers joined mass protests in France today against spending cuts by the government. Many teachers took strike action and schools were closed. Air traffic controllers, were also on strike, stopping flights, as were journalists. The iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris was closed all day. Massive demonstrations took place in Paris and in other towns across the country, including Marseille.

The government of Francois Hollande is planning more austerity cuts in line with the requirements of the European Union. It is also continuing to worsen conditions for workers - making their work more precarious, as well as finding tax breaks for employers.

It is only eight weeks ago that teachers were last on strike, against the failure of the Hollande government, which had come into office promising change, to reverse the cuts made by his predecessor, the right wing President Sarkozy. Sarkozy had axed 60,000 teaching jobs, leaving overcrowded classrooms and a shortage of teachers. They were also protesting against education 'reform' measures, which were having a disproportionate impact on low income and Muslim communities. 

Like their colleagues over the English Channel, French teachers are joining up with workers and communities all over France to fight so-called 'austerity.'