fracn.jpg One of the many demonstrations in France this month  French teachers have joined millions of other workers on strike again today against Sarkozy's 'reforms' As well as the raising of the full pension age to 67, Sarkozy - the right wing French President - is making massive cuts in the education budget - cutting 14,000 teaching posts at a time when the primary school population is rising. The protests in France have been characterised by a huge mobilisation of school pupils and students - reflecting the fact that it is these young people's future that is threatened by the huge cuts in public services that neo-liberal governments are making all oaver the world. The lie propagated for instance by the UK government that they are making cuts 'so that future generations will not be saddled by debt' is deeply ironic given that it is precisely young people who are most under attack. Education International has expressed its solidarity with the French teachers and there is a good article about the struggle on their website: