French teachers protested last week against an attack on their salaries The right wing government of Nicolas Sarkozy is proposing budget cuts to deal with the country's financial crisis as commentators predict that it will lose its so-called AAA credit rating. These ratings are given by companies which have make massive profits out of the crisis and which rated companies in the US such as Lehman brothers AAA shortly before they collapsed. Yet governments across Europe are terrified of their judgements. France is in the lead of the plan inthe European Union to centralise decisions about tax and spending - which will result in the peoples of Europe having even less say in the economic policies of their countries - unlike the unelected credit ratings agencies. However as in many other countries across the continent, teachers and other public sector workers are determined to fight to protect the services on which the vast majority of people rely. On December 15th teachers were on strike in France against a new system of evalulation which they say is designed to cut costs by attacking their salaries. As a result