Teachers in France are on strike today against education cuts The right wing Sarkozy government - which is facing elections in the spring - is cutting thousands of jobs in the public sector in an effort to cut the deficit. 14,000 more teachers' jobs are due to be cut in 2012, in addition to the 16,000 which were cut at the beginning of this school year. Since the number of pupils is set to rise, the cuts will mean much larger classes. Not only that but specialist help for children with learning difficulties or children with disabilities is being cut and increasingly retired teachers or people without any qualifications are being brought in to take over classes when their teachers fall ill. Private school teachers are joining their colleagues in the state sector - they too are facing cutbacks and parents organisations are also planning to take part in the hundred or so demonstrations which are planned around the country. (The video above created by le collectif PEC de Besançon et du Doubs is in French but still comprehensible - even if you can't speak French!)