Many schools are closed or partially closed in France today, as teachers join a national public sector strike against changes to pensions. The government is planning a further attack on pensions for public servants, including teachers, which would see them having to work for 43 years before they would have a right to a pension. Unions reckon these changes equate to the removal of 1.5 billion euros a year from public service pensions.

Unions say that the changes, in a situation where young people find it difficult to get jobs at all, will make it almost impossible to work the number of years required to qualify for a pension. The changes have only one purpose - to lower pensions and increase contributions. The union says that the argument that there is no money is simply false - 'the money which is made by labour should go to the people who created it not to those who take it without any right to do so'. The eduation section of the CGT federation is also calling for an end to precarious labour in education and for the creation of more full time posts, in order to improve the service.

As well as going on strike today , teachers and other public servants are planning mass demonstrations.