The stand of the Greek people against the bankers and bond holders, who want them to continue suffering in order to solve a debt 'crisis' which is none of their making, is inspiring people everywhere. Teachers, students and school students have been in the forefront of the struggle against austerity in Greece, where teachers wages have been cut by 50%, thousands of jobs have been lost and schools closed or run down. Students have occupied schools and teachers have struck again and again. Moreover as well as protesting and campaigning they have taken part in local solidarity committees, bringing relief to the hundreds of thousands who are in deep poverty in the country. The election of a government committed to end austerity, has given the Greek people hope and it is this hope which the so-called Troika - the European Central Bank, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund - is seeking to crush.

A similar drama is being played out in Chile, where a left-wing government was elected on the back of massive and continuous protests for free education. Now teachers and students are on the streets again, demanding that the Chilean government deliver on its promises. Today we received reports of more brutal attacks on the teachers by riot police. Already this year students have been killed in the struggle. Similar events have been played out in Brazil over the last months, with violent attacks on teachers and students campaigning against cuts.

In Chicago in the US, the state government is proposing to make 1400 teachers redundant in order to solve a budget crisis, caused primarily by corporate tax cuts. The Chicago Teachers Union is busy formulating strategy to fight the cuts. In all of these cases, the struggle is not only about cuts but about democracy. What is the meaning of universal suffrage in Chile or in Greece, if the demands of capital and the ruling elites trump the will of the people for decent public services, for a life free of poverty and for societies based on social solidarity, instead of the market driven ideology of the survival of the fittest?

What gives us at teachersolidarity hope in this situation is not only the willingness of people - teachers, students, trade unionists, communities - to fight back, but also the nascent global solidarity which this week has seen people all over Europe and beyond demonstrating their support for the Greek people.