Protesting outside the Ministry of Education last Year Children from Fukushima, Japan are still being exposed to unacceptable levels of radiation, according to a report The International Solidarity Labour Committee of Doro-Chiba says that 75% of Fukushima's 360,000 children are still obliged to go to schools, which are higly contaminated by radiation. Fukushima was the site of the nuclear disaster following the tsunami in 2011 which destroyed the nuclear power plants and unleashed radiation into the area equivalent to 168 Hiroshima atomic bombs - according to the Doro Chiba report. The action group is calling on the government to evacuate all the families from the area and for compensation to be paid, both of which the government is refusing to do. There has been a determined  campaign for justice for the people and particularly the children of Fukushima, with mothers from the area sitting in in front of the Ministry of Education in Tokyo and huge anti-nuclear rallies last September , where teachers were among those playing a leading role. Their latest campaign is centred around the building of a clinic to treat the people of the area. Already children are presenting with symptoms resulting from their exposure to radiation such as impairment of heart and lung function, thyroid enlargement, headache, anaemia and compromised immune systems. A similar campaign to establish a health clinic took place in Hiroshima when the long term effects of the nuclear bomb were taking their toll on people's health. To contribute to the campaign or read the report in full go here At the end of the report, the campaigners say:  Children create the future. Children just must not live worrying about the radiation exposure. We really wish to establish a reliable health clinic where we can get together free from anxiety and consult with doctors whatever we want. It is a struggle to defend our own lives by unity and solidarity of all of us and to take back the medical care in our hands. It is a movement to stop and abolish all nuclear power plants immediately and create a society without any nuke. We call on all friends of the world for your support and cooperation to establish a health clinic to save lives and look after health of 360,000 Fukushima children.