Tokyo Rally against Nuclear Plants Fukushima teachers are still campaigning to keep children safe from radioactivity The teachers have been campaigning since the tsunami, which caused the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima province of Japan, left thousands homeless and others exposed to radioactivity. 60,000 people, including teachers and parents from Fukushima demonstrated in Tokyo in September and now there are calls for a mass rally on November 6th to shut down all nuclear plants. The call to the rally is pasted below: Appeal from Fukushima Keep children safe from radioactivity!  No to re-starting of any nuclear power plant in periodical inspection! Stop massive unemployment and casualization by reason of an earthquake! Join us in November 6 National Workers’ All-out Rally to build up unity and solidarity of all fighting workers immediately to shut down all nuclear power plants! "Shut down all nuclear plants immediately!" With this anger deep in heart, 60,000 people flooded the Meiji Park in Tokyo on September 19. One thousand Fukushima people stood on the forefront as a single troop. Huge banners with a big letter, "ANGER", prepared by the Fukushima Network to Defend Children from Radioactivity, were hoisted by demonstrators. Among them, there were many mothers and fathers who participated in demonstration for the first time, and 170 union members of Fukushima Teachers’ Union from all regions of Fukushima prefecture. A huge number of participants amounting to 60,000 shared an urgent feeling in common, "We must keep children safe from radioactivity" and expressed their deep anger against nuclear plants in an explosive way, overcoming traditional barrier set up by various streams of labor unions and political parties.SEINO Kazuhiko (Ex-President of Fukushima Teachers’ Union)  Noda government, immediately after coming into power, expressed its intention to restart the nuclear plants which are currently out of operation for regular repair inspection, while developing desperately a massive campaign that the nuclear accident has already been settled and that "reconstruction" is the major priority. On September 30, the government lifted its evacuation advisory for residents living in specific areas 20 to 30 km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant to demonstrate demagogically that the catastrophic situation is now under control and there is no danger any more. We find the current development very critical and have determined to expand people’s power exhibited in September 19 rally and demonstration more and more. To respond this urgent necessity, we call upon you to join us in November 6 National Workers’ All-out Rally in Hibiya, Tokyo with a slogan, "No to nuclear plants and no to mass unemployment". A large mobilization will demonstrate that the united power of labor unions all over Japan can shut down nuclear plants, protect children from radioactivity and defend the lives of workers, farmers, fishermen and inhabitants by their resolute struggle against the government. The railway workers of Doro-Mito, a sister union of Doro-Chiba, waged a strike against highly radioactive trains and rails. They protested against the re-opening of the track to Hirono station in the affected area, which is still highly contaminated by radioactive fallout from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. They also refused the inspection work of the contaminated trains. It is an exemplar struggle of a labor union which is fighting to protect the lives of workers and inhabitants of its community. Simultaneously Doro-Chiba has just blocked the outsourcing plan of JR East Company by its militant strikes. The workers are striving hard to change the corrupt society that puts the high priority on large capitals and discards workers. Since the March 11, the people in the affected areas have become keenly aware of the importance to live in unity and solidarity. We call on all people—farmers, fishermen, students, citizens and workers—to unite and raise a powerful voice against the re-starting of nuclear power plants. Lets’ stand up together to stop all nuclear plants immediately and abolish all nuclear facilities in the world! The situation today in Japan can be said that labor movements have only a poor presence. This has been created since the Division and Privatization of National Railways (transformation into the present seven JR Companies) in 1987 and brought about mass unemployment and enormous precarious workers. Under neoliberal policies, the labor unions that fight for the reinstatements of fired workers have been suppressed, the essential services of local governmental level have been cut drastically and the supports for agriculture have been abandoned. Just during this period, numerous nuclear power plants that need occupationally-irradiated casual workers have been built everywhere in our country. The disastrous nuclear accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant after the March 11 has revealed to everyone that the existing structure of our society is wrong. The most of the workers who rallied on September 19 have one and the same feeling—"We have to change our society. In order to accomplish this task, labor unions have to change". This is the time to change the world! We should act by ourselves to choose our future. Be united and promote our struggles surpassing all minor differences among us! HASHIMOTO Koichi (General Secretary of Koriyama Factory Branch of NRU) SATO Sachiko (Chair of Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radioactivity) NAKATE Seiichi (Fukushima Network to Protect Children from Radioactivity) SUZUKI Koichiro (Dairy Farmer) ICHIKAWA Junko (President of Fukushima Amalgamated Union) WATANABE Kaoru (Chair of Fukushima Coordinating Center of Labor Unions)